Elderly Fall Alarms: The Threat Of Taking A Fall As An Elderly Person

  • If there’s anything we can be sure about when it comes to children, it’s that they fall. Kids take countless tumbles, basically as a rule, and when they do, they tend to recover pretty quickly. Young kids, teenagers, and even young adults trip, slip and fall off of things in all sorts of ways, and the results are usually just embarrassment and a band-aid.

    This, unfortunately, isn’t the case with elderly people. When an older person takes a simple fall, it can have dire consequences. Starting with the fact that many seniors simply aren’t in great health to begin with, and ending with conditions like osteoporosis, bad injuries abound.

    But why are the elderly so much more prone to falling, and what is there to do about it? Whether it’s choosing the right shoes or investing in an elderly fall alarm, we’ve got it on today’s list. Let’s get this started!

    Why Are Elderly Falls So Dangerous?

    In adults aged 65 and over, a falls from a standing position can be fatal. No, actually, we should be honest note that it is actually one of the leading causes of death in this age group, as well as for nonfatal injuries.

    This is a sad truth, obviously, because the types of injuries that younger people simple snap back from can impact seniors in ways they’ll never recover from. Lacerations, osteoporotic hip fractures, and head traumas are all dangerous.

    How to Safeguard Against Dangerous Falls

    As we age, it’s important to work actively against the likelihood of a dangerous fall and the risk of associated damage from these mishaps.

    • Regular Exercise 

      Developing both your leg strength and balance can help to prevent falls in the event of an accident. Walking and light weight-lifting are both extremely beneficial.

    • Gauge The Safety Of Your Environment 

      Making sure your living space is safe is another great way to safeguard against potential falls. Reduce clutter to prevent potential tripping and remove rugs that could potentially slip. Install grab bars in the bathroom and railings to the stairways. Lastly, choose your shoes wisely. Invest in a pair of shoes that are supportive, with low heels, and which offer good traction.

    • Check Your Medications 

      Ask your doctor or pharmacist to review your medications, so that they can identify any prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs that cause dizziness or drowsiness. Find alternatives to these medications if possible. Also, always take your medications as prescribed.

    • Elderly Fall Alarms 

      Elderly fall alarms can transform your home into a much safer place in the event of an emergency. When you have a reliable alert system on-hand, it’s easier to call out if you fall and can’t find your phone. Small, portable, and wireless, these systems give you the peace of mind you need to live your life like you normally would. For simple design, powerful functionality, and quality construction, there’s a reason Room8 is taking the remote alert industry by storm.