You can find answers to many common questions as well as troubleshooting tips on this page. For a detailed video of how to set the button up please click here. Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

** Update to the latest version of the app for iOS and Android! To ensure a smooth transition please try the following: 

  • update your device to the most recent operating systems
  • update the Room8 app to the most recent version and restart your device
  • open the Room8 app and log in with Google credentials if used in the past OR create a new profile and then log in
  • allow for notifications, give locations permissions and allow the Room8 app to connect to devices on the local network when prompted
  • your previously configured buttons should appear on the home screen
  • if not, log out of the app and log back in 
  • if still no luck you will have to reset your buttons and reconfigure them again in the new app
  • if you are still having trouble, shoot us an email at info@room8button.com and we'll help you out!

Q. I notice that there is a slight delay when pressing the button and getting the notification?

A. Once activated the button needs to search for the network and then relay the signal. This can take up to 10 seconds.

Q. I’ve configured my button and after I press it it flashes blue once then it flashes red after a few seconds and it is not sending a notification. What is happening?

A. The red flash indicates that the button isn’t able to connect to the network that you intend it to work with. You may be out of range or the configuration settings (passwords, network name, etc.) may have been entered incorrectly. Press the button again a couple more times and if this continues, reset the button and reconfigure it one more time.

Q. My patient was trying to reach me but I never received an alert from the button?

A. Please keep in mind that the Room8 buttons are NOT emergency call buttons rather devices of convenience. They are susceptible to user error, defects, interference and damage and may not work as intended. They should not replace professional vigilance and attention to those under your care or supervision. Room8 and its parent company 8 Golden Dragons Inc. assumes no fault or liability for any damage, loss or injury as a result of using the buttons. Always check to ensure the proper functioning of equipment before using.

Q. How do I reset the button?

A. There is a small access hole on the back of the button. Insert a paper clip through and GENTLY press until you feel a click and see 1 blue LED flash and release. After about 10 seconds you will get another LED flash but light purple this time. The light purple flash indicates a successful reset so if you don't get this try it again. You may also have to manually delete the button from the Room8 app by selecting its name, swiping left and confirming delete. Please note that all configurations will be reset and in order to use the button again you will have to go through the set up process once again.

Q. What do all the different LED flashes mean?

A. One red blink means the device is ready to be configured or set-up with your mobile device. Three blue blinks means it successfully sent a notification after pressing the button. One blue blink followed by a light purple blink means the button has been reset. Two red blinks means the button is configured, you pressed the button BUT it could not connect to the network. The button goes back to sleep so you would have to press it again. Three red blinks means the device has low battery and this will happen until you plug it in or battery dies. 

Q. Why does my button randomly flash blue on its own?

A. Once you've configured your button it will periodically emit a signal to maintain a connection to the network.

Q. When pressed, how do I know that the button is sending a notification?

A. The button’s indicator light will flash blue 3 times simultaneously to indicate that a notification was sent successfully.

Q. I have configured my button and I am getting 3 blue blinks when I press it but I am not getting any notifications, why?         

A. Make sure that you have allowed for notifications from the Room8 app in your mobile device's settings. In the Room8 app tap on the name of the button. You will be taken to that button's notifications screen. Make sure that notifications are turned on here as well and then tap on Save Settings.

Q. How do I get notifications on my Apple Watch?

A. Once your buttons are configured with the Room8 app on your iPhone go to the Watch app and scroll down to Notifications. From here scroll down to MIRROR iPHONE ALERTS FROM: and scroll down and turn the notifications on for the Room8 app. When your phone is asleep your watch will now receive notifications from the buttons when pressed.

Note: You will not receive alerts on your watch if your phone is awake or your watch is locked with a passcode.

Q. If I have more than one patient do I need more than one button for each patient?

A. If you have multiple patients at the same time and you want them to be able to alert you when assistance is needed then, yes you would need a separate button for each patient.  

Q. Can I share buttons with my colleagues so that they can use them with their patients?

A. Absolutely. Once you have buttons and have set them up in the mobile app you can upgrade to a Premium Membership, which gives you the ability to share buttons with whoever you’d like as long as they have a current version of the app installed on their mobile device.

Q. What is the Premium Membership in the app?

A. The Premium Membership is a monthly subscription through our app, which gives you the ability to: 1) share buttons with colleagues or coworkers 2) keep track of multiple patients using a timer/reminder function 3) change notifications to a customized alert instead of the default message. 

Q. Can I use buttons with my laptop or computer?

A. At this time Room8 buttons are designed to work with mobile technology using Android or iOS platforms. 

Q. What is your return policy?

A. For any undamaged product, simply return it with its included accessories and packaging along with the original receipt within 30 days of the date you received the product, and we’ll exchange it or offer a refund based upon the original payment method. In addition, please note the following: Buyer is responsible for return shipping, a 15% restocking fee and initial shipping costs.

Please note that our return policy only covers the original purchaser.

Q. How do I charge my button?

A. Each button has a micro USB port on the bottom. You can plug in any standard micro USB cable to an computer or electrical outlet. The button's indicator light will light up green to indicate it is charging. It takes about 30 minutes to fully charge each button. A fully charged button can last for weeks on a charge. We recommend charging and configuring the buttons as soon as you get them and also charging them at least once a week to keep the battery viable. We also recommend charging your buttons for 15 minutes once a week to keep batteries optimal.

Q. I have multiple buttons and they are all blue. How do I tell them apart?

A. Once you configure each button within the app you can create different display names for the button (eg. Blue, Red, Patient 1, West Room etc.) You can also get different colored Room8 lanyards from our store, which would be helpful to differentiate the button and keep them safe from falls!

Q. I am having trouble getting my button to connect with my network and setting it up!

A. First, make sure that you are within the wireless network that you intend to use the button on. Make sure the button is fully charged and try and be close to your router for the set up process. Make sure you have the most recent version of the app installed on your mobile device. Make sure that you are entering your network’s name and password correctly and note that these are case sensitive. If all else fails reset the button close out the app and try setting it up again.

Q. My buttons are configured but sometimes they can't send out a notifications. What is happening?                                                 

A. It is possible that you are encountering interference. The buttons work with WiFi, which can be more robust than bluetooth but are still susceptible to interference from walls, furniture, floors and other electronic devices. Check out this video for some useful router placement tips. In some cases a WiFi range extender is recommended. These relatively inexpensive devices will help boost and distribute your router's signal to hard to reach places. 

Q. How do I get vibration or light flash notifications on my mobile device?

A. Once you've configured your button you can customize notification settings by tapping the name of the button which will take you to its settings. Once there, you can choose to enable vibration and or flashlight notifications. Please note that this will enable these functions for all incoming notifications, not just those coming from the Room8 button.

Q. I keep getting one of these alerts when trying to set up my buttons and can't get them to work, how come?

A. An error has occurred during the configuration process and the button wasn't reset properly and as result the button is in a locked state. The button needs to be "hard reset" in order to remedy this. To hard reset the button you need to reset the button immediately after receiving one of the error messages above, making sure to keep the app open while doing so. If the hard reset was successful you will get 3 LED flashes from the button: 1 initial blue flash when first clicking reset; a 2nd blue flash 5 to 10 seconds later followed by a 3rd light purple flash immediately afterwards (Blue, Blue, Purple.)

Q. I keep getting stuck on a spinning wheel or a blank screen after hitting "Save" or "Next" in the app, what is going on?

A. This means your device is trying really hard. Try getting close to your router when setting up your buttons. You can hit the home button on your device or swipe up to close out of the app and then renter the app once again if you encounter the spinning wheel. You may have to do this a couple of times before you are able to move forward onto the next set up screen.

If still no dice, then reset your button and wait for a successful "hard reset" light flash sequence and try the process again. See question and answer above for details. 

Q. After I enter my Wi-Fi credentials in the app during set up I get this screen. Do I have to press the button to continue the set-up process?

A. Yes, it is important to press the Room8 button when indicated. You will get 3 blue LED flashes if you've entered the correct Wi-Fi credentials and you should continue with set-up bu selecting FINISH SETUP.

If you get a prolonged spinning wheel or frozen screen after entering your network credentials, press the Room8 button once. If you get 3 blue flashes this will then jump the app out of the thinking/loading screen and you can finish the set up process.

If you press the Room8 button and get 2 red blinks this means the password was entered incorrectly and you must immediately reset the button, without closing the app, and try setting it up from the beginning (hard reset is not necessary.)

Q. I got this screen after I entered my Wi-Fi credentials, what do I do? 

A. This means that you entered the network name incorrectly. For now disregard the password part, reset the button and try the set up process again. This time paying careful attention to any capital letters and making sure that there are no spaces at the end of the network's name. If you are certain you have entered both the password and network name correctly see the question and answer below. 

Q. I am seeing 2 similar network names in my Wi-Fi settings. Which one do I choose?

A. Many routers are "Dual Band Routers" and have the capability to transmit on 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz wireless bands. The Room8 is only capable of working on a 2.4 GHz band so you must choose the network without a 5G in it in order to configure buttons properly. However, once the button is set up on the correct network your receiving device can be connected to any other Wi-Fi or cellular network and still receive notifications from the button. Pretty cool!

Q. I have an Apple Airport in addition to a wireless router. Could this be causing issues with button configuration?

A. Absolutely. The Airport is also a router and you may have a separate network name and password for it. This link shows you how to get to the wireless settings in your Airport. If you have an Airport you should make sure that the network is not "hidden" and then try and configure the button using the network credentials for the Airport. To view or update the Airport network settings go to Applications > Airport Utility > Click on your Airport device shown in the diagram and select Edit > Wireless > Wireless Options > uncheck "Create Hidden Network" and hit Save, then Update. Your network may be unavailable for a few minutes during this update. **These are advanced options so you want to make sure you know what you are doing before attempting any changes.**

Q. I signed up for the premium subscription. Now how do I share my buttons?

A. Once you have configured your buttons go to the Room8 app and tap on the name of the button that you want to share. You will be taken to the settings screen for that particular button. Scroll down and hit Share Button. You will be given an a choice to email, text or AirDrop (iOS users) a unique key code to whomever you like. Once the recipient has installed the Room8 app on their device they can go to Add Button > Shared Button and enter the unique key code when prompted and hit Register Button. Repeat this same process for each button that you want to share. The shared user can turn notifications on/off in the buttons settings once in the app.




Q. I got to this alert in the app during set up, what does it mean?


A. Give yourself a big high five because you did it! If you've made it this far you have successfully configured your button. Next comes customizing the notifications and it is the easy part. Whew. Happy pushing!