Our Story

Rachel Hemphill and Jorge Mejia are Acupuncture physicians and friends. They were looking for a device that they could give to patients to alert them when patients needed help. They found that existing devices had limitations that they weren’t willing to deal with: poor range, noisy, expensive, complicated, etc. As huge believers in simplicity, they knew that there could be a better way. The wheels began to turn and soon the concept for the Room8 button was born.

The Button

Their concept was simple - a device that when activated sends an alert to mobile devices via WiFi without the need for extra hardware, software or subscriptions. They teamed up with Jaycon Systems and in a matter of weeks their concept became reality.

The App

The Room8 team created a mobile app, which acts as the user interface where the button can be configured and customized. Through the app the button can send notifications to a caregiver's mobile device. Notifications can be customized to create a silent, audible, vibrating or flashing alert. Other useful features available in the app include: a sharing function, which allows a user to share button(s) with colleagues or other caregivers without having to purchase additional buttons and a treatment timer to keep track of multiple patient treatments at a time.

All you need is a button, a mobile device and wireless network and you are ready to go. Simple!